Ode to Network Solutions: The Oldest and Worst Registrar on the Web

Header image for the post including the title, a grumpy man, the logo of Network Solutions, and some computer servers

Network Solutions is a lot like a physical bank. Everyone hates it and it’s way overpriced, but you find yourself forced to go there every so often because it’s where you set up your account in the 90s and it’s too much work to move now. What’s more: this is exactly what they are counting on. Network Solutions, along with … Read More

Are FreshBooks and FreshDesk the Same Company?

I’ve been using FreshDesk for a while now to manage routine maintenance of all my clients’ websites. Recently, however, my accounting needs have grown and so I had been asking around about invoicing solutions. Someone suggested FreshBooks, and even told me that it was the accounting portion of FreshDesk. However, when I began researching it, I couldn’t find anything that … Read More

Jurassic World Website Review

The Jurassic World website is quite awesome. In honor of the movie coming out this weekend, I decided to review it! I highly recommend you check it out yourself at JurassicWorld.com. The website is responsive and has all the bells and whistles of a modern theme park / movie website with the massive marketing budget of a major movie studio. … Read More

“In Pieces” Website Review

If you are a fan of beautiful animations and rare animals, you are going to love this one. In addition to being a super awesome website built with modern web standards, all of the animation work is also done entirely in CSS. Besides being very difficult and impressive, this also means that the animations themselves are able to be fully … Read More

Best Way to Record Screencasts of a Browser – Screencastify

One thing I love doing for clients is producing video tutorials of myself on their actual website, doing tasks that they are trying to learn. After I upload it to YouTube, they are able to view it over and over again as needed. And with a little help from a plugin I developed called Video Dashboard, I can embed those … Read More

Sweet Mother of God… Wabasha Street Caves Website Review

If rainbow-colored fonts, 1990s layouts, and tiny, tiled background images are your thing, have I got a website for you. My last website review was for the new and glamorous Commons Hotel located in Northeast Minneapolis. This website for the St. Paul icon, the Wabasha Street Caves could not be any more different than that. This is a website that was … Read More

The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis – Website Review

The Commons Hotel Website

Today we are discussing The Commons Hotel in my home city of Minneapolis. Located just blocks from my Alma mater, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, this shwanky hotel has been recently renovated to keep it hip and fresh. As far as I know, until recently this was actually a Holiday Inn hotel, or at least that’s what I remember … Read More