Ponytail Xpress

Template-Based Website with WordPress content management system and responsive design

Ponytail Xpress is an errand and personal shopping service helping clients in Lakeville, Apple Valley, and Burnsville. To accommodate a smaller website budget, we decided to go with an existing WordPress template.

To highlight some of the beneficial aspects of the service, we chose to use the large, responsive image slider bundled with theme we chose. The main purpose of the site is really to give more information about the services offered to visitors who don't know. To that end, we included descriptions of each service right on the main page, as well as full pages for each of the main services.

The site is built on the WordPress platform, which gives it virtually unlimited flexibility. The owner is able to modify almost any content on the site quickly and easily. Additional features are also a breeze to add thanks to the multitude of plugins available.

The site is also built to be responsive, which means it will actually adapt to the screen or device being used to view it. Try it yourself!

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