This page originally appeared on the Oakley Studio website. I have recreated it here for reference to our clients that are still using the same system.

Use the email configuration settings (below) to set up your domain name email account in any email application — Mac Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.


Webmail Login screenshotIf you like Webmail, try logging in to your webmail account here:
(Once you’re logged in, set a bookmark in your web browser so you can get back to Webmail instantly.)

Your domain name email address is your username.

Email Settings

Recommended protocol: IMAP

Username: Your complete email address

Password: (from your webmaster)

Mail server for both Receiving and for Sending email:

IMAP (for Receiving Mail) Port Number: 993 (Use SSL)

SMTP (for Sending Mail) Port Number: 25 (Use SSL)

If you have a phone or tablet that is able to use newer TLS encryption, you can use these settings instead for SMTP:
SMTP (Sending Mail) Port Number: 587 (Use TLS)

– – – – –
Older device configuration (not recommended): POP3 Settings…

POP3 (for Receiving Mail) Port Number: 995 (Use SSL)

SMTP (for Sending Mail) Port Number: 25 (Use SSL)

Screenshot of an email settings screen showing what settings to enter

Can I reset my email password?

Please keep your email account password safe but handy, so that if you forget it you know where to find it again. We recommend using a good “password wallet” app for keeping track of all your passwords, on your phone.

The usual email-based method for resetting a password doesn’t work for your email service. Why? Because if you are locked out of your email account, there is no way for you to receive a password reset link via email. There are of course other ways to accomplish a password reset, for example via an alternate personal email address, or an SMS text message. But these methods need to be set up before you lose your password.

If you’ve lost your email password, you will need to contact your Oakley Studio webmaster and request a password reset.

All Oakley Studio domain name email accounts provide password recovery via

  • An alternate email address, or
  • SMS text message, or
  • Challenge questions.

How to Set Up Password Recovery

  1. Log into webmail here:
  2. Visit Settings > Password Recovery
  3. Provide your phone number (for receiving SMS reset text), your alternate email (where a reset link can be sent), and one or more challenge questions/answers to prove you are who you say you are.

NOTE – Provide your phone number in this format: +CCCNNNNNNNNNN, where C = country code, N = phone number

That’s it — you’re done!