Not all website hosting is created equal.

With great power comes great responsibility

WordPress is a powerful platform, but with all that power comes the need for a powerful website hosting plan to keep up with it. Cheap shared hosts just don't cut it. You need reliable, blazingly-fast, WordPress-optimized hosting. And we can offer that to you.

I've been hosting my voiceover website with PageCrafter for years. What's great is that if there's ever an issue (which is rare!), they just take care of it for me. There's no waiting on hold, and I never have to mess with anything myself.
John Lano

Voiceover Genie
Minnesota, USA

Why do I need quality hosting for my WordPress website?

That's a great question! You've probably already shopped around yourself and know that you can get bargain prices on website hosting over at Godaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, or any other other of dozens of budget hosts. And if you have a basic, static HTML site or if you don't intend to make any money from your website, then I would actually recommend you go that route.

But if you have a legitimate business in Minnesota and you're using WordPress, you absolutely need to invest in something better. This is because WordPress requires a powerful server to handle all of the complex and resource-intensive calculations it needs to make.

Additionally, if you are using WooCommerce, BuddyPress, membership plugins or any other complex plugins, you simply can't rely on the cheap shared hosts to power the website.

You know how when you go to your website, the browser just sits there seemingly doing nothing for a few seconds before anything even starts loading up? That is literally your site host trying to build your webpages and not being fast enough to handle it. Not to mention that they are trying to do it for you, and hundreds of other websites at the same time. All on an under-powered machine.

With our WordPress website hosting, you aren't going to see that hang time. Pages come up right away. Fast and easy, just the way the web should be.

Go ahead, try navigating around this website. We practice what we preach and host our own WordPress website as well. And we're located right here, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After switching the hosting of our WordPress website over to PageCrafter, our website started running way faster. We didn't even have to worry about doing anything during the migration. They handled it all for us. Brian and his team are truly amazing!
Matthew Lunde

Dwell Realty Partners
Minnetonka, MN, USA

Why Does it Matter That the WordPress Hosting is Through a Minnesota Company?

If you've ever had issues with your budget host, you already know the answer to this question. If something goes wrong (and it so frequently does with cheap hosts), you want to be able to pick up the phone and call someone you know by name, and get answers from an actual person you've met. Right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

You don't want to be stuck text chatting with a tech support technician on the other site of the world whose grasp of the English language can only be described as "rudimentary". It's not fun, trust me. We know that your website is critical to your business, and everything is on the line when there's a problem with your hosting.

We offer what we call "managed" hosting, which means that if there is ever an issue, we handle everything for you. You don't have to sit on the phone with tech support, you simply tell us there's an issue, and we fix it.

Luckily for us (and you!), issues are so uncommon that we very rarely get these kinds of calls. As much as we'd love to hear from you, the reliability of our WordPress hosting means that you're just going to have to make up an excuse to pick up the phone and call us.

While the servers themselves aren't located in the state (they're actually in Michigan), we are located right here in Minneapolis and can help you with anything you need.

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PCI Compliant Web Hosting

If you accept credit card transactions on your website, you need to be PCI compliant. This means taking special precautions to ensure that your customers' private information is protected.

In addition to being the best hosting around, we also provide PCI compliant options if requested. And it doesn't require a third-party consultant to come in and spend 30 hours hardening your server, either. You simply sign up and we take care of the rest.

Our WordPress Hosting boasts an impressive array of features.

I switched over to PageCrafter from a cheap host I was using that was nothing but problems. The difference was immediate! PageCrafter solved all of my website hosting issues right away and my website has been running smoothly for years now. Worth every penny!
Dan Rollins

LiveWire Films
Utah, USA

  • Insanely Fast

    We've tested many dozens of hosts, including the ones claiming to be the "fastest", and we've never seen anything this fast. Many of our clients who've switched from cheap shared hosts have seen their pages load several times faster.

  • Fully-Managed, Worry-Free

    Never talk to support again. Fully-managed means that any time there's an issue, we handle it completely.

  • Reliable

    Our uptimes are some of the best in the industry and average well over 99.9%.

  • Cloud-Based

    Cloud based means that your data is always safe and backed-up. Since your site doesn't reside on a physical server anywhere, it also means we can upgrade your hosting on-the-fly if you need extra resources or make other changes rapidly.

  • Automated, Off-site Backups

    Your entire site and database are backed-up every day, and duplicated to off-site servers for ultimate redundancy.

  • WordPress-Optimized

    Our hosting is built specifically with WordPress in mind, ensuring the best possible performance.

  • Free Site Migration

    We take care of moving your website from your old host to the new one, for free! No hidden setup costs.

  • Instantly Expandable

    We hope that your business grows to the point where you need more power, and if you do, we can accommodate it! Our cloud-based hosting can be upgraded on-the-fly to meet the needs of even the most demanding websites.

  • Email Hosting Included

    Are you in need of a professional email address You're in luck! At no added fee, we include basic email hosting for up to 10 addresses and 10gb/domain.

All of this for less than you spend on your monthly cellphone bill.

Your website is the single most-important part of your marketing. Don't you think you should have good hosting? Prices start at just $25/month.


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