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Just like you need to keep your operating system and anti-virus software up-to-date on your computer, it’s critical to make sure all of the plugins and files are of the newest versions in your WordPress website. Neglecting this important aspect leaves your site open to being hacked or breaking completely due to outdated files.

What are the benefits of performing regular updates?

  • Significantly improved security

    In our experience, the vast majority of hacked WordPress sites get that way because a plugin is out of date. Having the newest versions virtually eliminates the possibility of a plugin vulnerability being exploited, allowing a hacker in to your site.

  • Improved Site Stability

    Sites with older versions of plugins and files are very likely to experience some incompatibilities in code and fail at some point. This could cause your site to go down for days or weeks while you try to find the solution.

  • Better Performance

    The newest versions of plugins and WordPress frequently include performance and feature upgrades that make them work better for the majority of users, take advantage of the newest trends and technologies, and even add great new features.

Why should I have PageCrafter do the updating for me?

  • Consistency

    The updates only do you any good if you actually do them regularly. At PageCrafter, we go through once every month and ensure all the updates are completed.

  • We Deal With Any Problems

    Every so often, something will go wrong during the update process. It might be that the newest version of two plugins are incompatible with each other, or it could be that an update only partially completed. Having worked with hundreds of WordPress sites in the past, we know how to solve every problem and will always get your site back to being functional so you don’t have to worry about it being offline.

  • Backups

    We back up your entire site before we do any updates. This is to ensure that if anything goes wrong, you never lose any important files.

  • Testing

    We test the front and back ends of your site after the updates to make sure things are working like they should. If it’s not, we can always roll back to one of our backups to figure out what went wrong.

The Fine Print

We think our service is pretty straight-forward, but there are some things we feel we should clarify so you know what to expect.

  1. We require FTP or another method of accessing the files on your site before we begin. This is so that if something goes wrong, we can fix it!
  2. Premium plugin and theme updates are only included if you have a valid license and auto-updating is enabled for us to update from within WordPress (as opposed to a file upload).
  3. While we do deal with any problems that arise during the update, this does not mean we will troubleshoot every problem until we get everything working with the newest version. Most of the time it means rolling back to the old version so that your site continues working, and letting you know of the issue. If you choose to hire us to troubleshoot the problem, we will happily oblige.
  4. This plan does not cover any kind of content changes, coding, or plugin configuration.
  5. It does not cover updates of any kind not explicitly mentioned here, such as PHP updates, anything hosting-related, or updates to anything beyond WordPress. (Note: if you have other services through us such as Website Hosting, some of these may be covered under those terms.)

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