Josh Havlik

Fully Custom Design and Development for Fully Responsive Website

Josh Havlik is an independent insurance agent representing numerous providers and servicing clients in Lakeville, Prior Lake, and nearby areas. Having very straight-forward online needs, we were able to provide him with a very basic 1-page website that provides visitors with information about him as well as his contact information.

One of our main priorities was to portray Josh as the honest, trustworthy guy that he is. A full-page image of him in downtown Lakeville lets visitors see Josh and helps engender trust. The straight-forward copy and clear layout were all chosen to prevent visitors from getting confused or scared.

This was a fully custom job not built on any platform. You will probably notice that despite the large, high quality image, the site still loads blazingly fast. For basic, one-page sites, a custom solution really is the way to go.

Another thing to note about this site is that it is built with responsive design. This means that it will actually adjust itself to best fit whatever screen is used to view it. Go ahead, try it out! Visit it on a desktop computer and resize the browser window as you are looking at it. No matter what size window you view it with, it will fill the screen fully and naturally.

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