Priority1 API WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce

Plug-and-play WordPress plugin to connect the Priority1 API to your WooCommerce Store

If you’re here, it’s because you’ve signed up for the Priority1 API in an effort to streamline your shipments quoting and rates. You probably thought it would be easy to simply connect to your site, only to be disappointed that it will require a developer and that they can’t provide you with any sample code to get you started.

Fortunately, there is a better way!

After connecting our first client to the API and spending quite a bit of time making everything work, we realized that it would be easier to just build a WordPress plugin that handles every piece of the connection for us.

That’s where the Priority1 API for WooCommerce plugin was born.

This plugin allows you to simply enter in your API credentials, ensure all of your products have the required dimensions and weights entered, and start getting real-time quotes with little configuration.

The plugin will automatically add optional fields such as “Freight Class” and “Packaging Type” for each product, which will allow you to select different values for this if needed.

Using our plugin, you can automate the connection to the API and save thousands on building a custom implementation with your WooCommerce Store.

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