Complementing your voice with a beautiful, functional website

The website for River School of Music is displayed on a large display.

This is a website we are particularly proud to be associated with! River School is awesome.

For Voice Over Artists, a website can be everything.

It’s the first place potential clients go to listen to your work. And it’s also the perfect place to control how they see you and your voice.

A great Voice Over website instills trust and gets your visitors thinking about all the great work they could do with the perfect voice – yours. 

We build visually engaging websites that get people to pick up the phone and call you.

Being a Voice Over Artists can be extremely hard work. When you first got in to the business, you probably didn’t think you’d have to do so much marketing, right?

Well I’m here to tell you that your website can do all of the heavy lifting for you. If done right, you can be getting all the leads you can handle, just from your website.

And what’s more, they’ll be the right leads. They’ll trust your experience and talent and know the value of what you provide.

That’s the best part about having a great website: not only does it amplify all of your existing marketing efforts, but when people do reach out to you, they’ll already be so invested and excited to work with you that they’ll be ready to close the deal immediately.

Empathy-based Design

The key to any great design is simply empathy for your visitors. You need to anticipate what information they are looking for and deliver it to them.

You also need to give it to them in the easiest-possible fashion. If your voice over demos are buried under mountains of text or at the end of a long-winded personal backstory, nobody is going to listen to them. And nobody is going to hire you.

It’s absolutely critical that you build your site with your ideal client in mind, and cater everything from the navigational structure to the font size towards their needs.

You want to attract the right people, and you want them to be excited to work with you.


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