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Homes by Tradition Website

Built using WordPress and a responsive design, this is the website for Homes by Tradition, a Lakeville-based custom home builder.

For home builders, your website is everything.

It’s the first place prospective buyers will look when thinking about working with you or buying one of your homes. And if your website design doesn’t immediately show off the quality of your construction and design practices, they will leave.

At PageCrafter, we design awesome websites that beautifully display your work and turn those visitors into leads.

You can’t afford to have an old, outdated website in today’s market. You need to stand out.

You’ve already built amazing houses, right? If that’s 99% of the work, you only have to go the extra 1% and show people what you can do. That’s where the website comes in.

Picture beautiful, flowing galleries that inspire, engage, and amaze. Imagine your visitors spending hours on your site simply enjoying all of the work you’ve done.

Do you think that visitor might buy from you?

Mobile-Friendly Design

If you think everyone who visits your site will be doing it on their desktop or laptop, you are wrong!

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to build your site from the ground-up to support mobile devices. Every website design we create is fully thought-out to accommodate users of every device. Every image, every menu item, and every block of text will look great whether you’re looking at it on a cell phone, tablet, or desktop.


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We bring ideas to life in the form of clean, elegant websites. We would love to hear from you about your next project.


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