The 9 Best Manufacturing Website Examples in Minnesota

The current state of Manufacturing websites in Minnesota is, quite frankly, very poor at the moment. I looked through hundreds of websites and was disheartened at the lack of quality I found. It seems many manufacturing and industrial companies don’t put much stock in their website design, which is a shame. Even for B2B companies and those in Manufacturing and other industrial areas, a website is absolutely critical for getting the most out of their sales and marketing.

However, after searching far and wide, I was able to find some of the best examples of manufacturing websites in the state of Minnesota. Granted, some don’t fit quite squarely with what you imagine a “Manufacturing Company” to be, but it’s the best I could do.

What do most good manufacturing websites have in common?

Most feature wide open designs, clean navigations, and large, attractive imagery; all of which are elements we like to incorporate in our websites (examples here). Our goal is to help more manufacturing websites achieve excellence on the web and leverage this relatively untapped pool of potential revenue. We also found it interesting that 5 out of 9 of these websites were built on WordPress, our favorite! On to the selections.

The websites we looked at crossed a huge range of industries; chemical companies, machine shops, manufacturers, breweries, machinery, textiles, engineering, and much more.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

The best manufacturing and industrial website designs in Minnesota

Perhaps the least imaginative submission on this list, BTD comes in with a decent website that focuses on some key fundamentals. It’s clean, it’s visually appealing, and it’s easy to navigate. It’s not particularly exciting, but compared to the other websites out there for their competitors, they certainly stand out.

8. Vision Ease

Also not super exciting, but it is definitely clean, modern, and easy to use. We like the colors and the overall crispness. Well deserved!

7. Paragon Store Fixtures

Paragon does a nice job of bringing attractive imagery front-and-center. Their homepage is interactive and walks the visitor through many of their capabilities seamlessly. Great idea and implementation.

6. Lexington Manufacturing

Another straight-forward design focusing on clean lines, nice images, and simple navigation. Lexington Manufacturing manages to make what they do exciting, which is rarely accomplished by others in their field.

5. EJ Ajax Metalforming Solutions

Nice use of a full-page image background and no-nonsense copy that gets right to the point. The rest tends to be pretty vanilla usage of full-width sections and parallax scrolling, but it still comes off as nice and professional.

4. Landscape Structures

Based on their website, I gather that this company focuses on making the coolest playground equipment around, which is why they are so high on this list. Simple navigation combined with great photography and imagery showcases their products extremely well and earns them a top spot.

3. 612Brew

With limited options available in “true” manufacturing entities, I was forced to broaden my definition of “manufacturing” to include breweries. 612Brew is a craft brewery I have personally visited on numerous occasions, and was not surprised to find they have a sleek, modern, interactive websites full of great imagery. I may have to have another post where I compare the websites of all the local breweries! I’m positive it would include much more intense competition.

2. BĒT Vodka

Again, I was forced to broaden the scope of my search, but in this case I think you’ll find it’s worth it! This website looks great, with lots of cool imagery and modern web techniques. Plus, their feature to find where the Vodka is sold works extremely well, and is something I wish all breweries and distilleries would do.

Winner: Loll Designs

This website is incredible. For a local company that seems to only have one store location (though available through dozens of retailers nation-wide), their website is truly top-notch. Based out of Duluth, MN, Loll Designs designs and manufactures high-end outdoor furniture for clientele apparently unconcerned with price.

The whole site is extremely well designed, with each piece adding perfectly to the overall aesthetic. Everything from the font choices, to the colors, to every stray design element contributes meaningfully to the whole thing.

You would expect this level of quality from someplace like Ikea, so to see it in a presumably much-smaller company is exciting. And what’s more: it’s built on WordPress and uses WooCommerce to manage the shopping cart platform. We love to see that!

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There you have it, the best of the best websites for manufacturing websites in Minnesota. These handful are definitely top-notch, but believe me when I tell you that I had to wade through a huge volume of terrible websites to get this far. Hopefully it was worth it!

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