How to Change Default Page Template in X Theme

Today we have a relatively simple task: changing the default page template within X Theme. You can use this to set all your misc. pages to be full width and hide the sidebar, or you could even change the side the sidebar is on. It’s really easy to do, so let’s begin!

Setting the Default Page Template

  1. Selecting Default Page Layout

    This is what it should look like. Select your template from the options in the customizer!

    Go to X Theme’s customizer screen. This can be done from the backend by going to Appearance -> Customize or from the front end by clicking “Customize” from the top toolbar when logged-in.

  2. Click “Layout and Design” and scroll down to “Content Layout.”
  3. Select the radio button you prefer from the list of options: “Content Left, Sidebar Right,” “Sidebar Left, Content Right,” or “Fullwidth.”
  4. Select “Save & Publish” when you are done.

That’s all there is to it! You might notice that there are only three options, while X Theme actually has about a dozen in total. Unfortunately, that is a major limitation currently, though I’ve found it is still more than adequate for my needs. You can still select the template for individual pages from the backend edit screen of that page, or in Cornerstone from Settings (the cog button) -> General -> Page Template.  The option we just selected should affect all posts, and to be honest, for most posts you are unlikely to want anything other than those three options anyway.

If there’s enough interest, I could come up with some code that allows you to select from ALL the templates, but for now this should be good enough!

2 Comments on “How to Change Default Page Template in X Theme”

  1. I would love to know the code to select from the full set of templates. 99% of my builds use Blank – No Container | Header, Footer on every page, and then I create the templates in the builder. A way to set it globally would save a lot of time. I’m working with Pro, but guessing it would the same as X.

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