Change Permalink of Single Post – WordPress SEO How-to

Changing the permalink of a WordPress post is actually ridiculously easy, and there is no special trick to it. You don’t even have to worry about losing your SEO cred! The magic lies in the fact that WordPress keeps track of all permalinks and when you change it for a single post, it redirects the old permalink to the new one. Easy stuff! You don’t have to deal with the problems of site-wide permalink changes when you are only doing a single post or page. So, let’s get to it!

Change the permalink of one single post or page

The part of the WordPress edit screen where you can change the permalink.

Just click “Edit” and you are on your way to easily changing the permalink of a single post or page

1. Go to the post or page.
2. Above the content, where it says “Permalink,” click the “Edit” button.
3. Type in your new permalink.
4. Hit enter.


When you change a permalink of a post, WordPress is supposed to redirect visitors arriving at the old URL to the new one. But for some reason that doesn’t always happen. Keep track of what the old URL was, and then go ahead and test the old URL after you’ve changed it to make sure it redirects. If it doesn’t, you are going to want to use a plugin like Redirection to manually redirect visitors. This is critical for your website’s SEO!

That’s it! Try your old permalink to verify that it is redirecting to the new location, which it definitely should be. There is no need for any manual redirect to the new permalink location.

I find myself often editing the permalinks of my posts to keep them short and sweet, as should you! There are numerous search engine benefits to keeping them brief and to-the-point. Hopefully, you now have one less headache to deal with when optimizing your site.

What if the edit button isn’t there?

Good question! The edit permalink button may not be there if you haven’t set a permalink structure yet. We simply need to set that and come back.

1.From the backend, hover over “Settings” and click “Permalinks.”
2.Choose “Post Name” from the list of radio buttons.
3.Click save to save the new permalink structure.

Now you should be able to go back to your post and change the permalink as usual.

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