How to Change the Port for SSH Uploads – WordPress

Note: If your screenshot looks different than mine, you may have to install the plugin SSH SFTP Updater Support.

If you have a secured server and are using a non-standard port for your connection, it may be confusing how you can specify that port in your WordPress admin when doing things like updates or new plugin installs. But it’s actually quite easy!

When you attempt to do the uploads without using the correct port, you may get various errors such as “incorrect username or password” or “incorrect RSA key”, none of which are really what the problem is. Let’s just change that port!

By default, WordPress will use Port 22. To change it to your own port, for your hostname, you simply enter “”.

So for example, if your hostname is “” and the port you are using is “1234”, for “Host Name” you should have:

Easy stuff! That will tell the server that you want to use port 1234, no need to mess with any config files or anything. Let me know in the comments if this works for you!Change Default SSH Port

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