Chrome Cursor Latency Fix

Are you experiencing a problem in Google Chrome where, inexplicably, highlighting text and scrolling have a massive lag and delay? If you aren’t experiencing those same problems in any other browser and are in Chrome, I might have a solution for you> I’m not really sure why this solution solves the problem, but for some reason it works.

The problem is caused by the GPU Vsync feature. This slows the framerate of the browser window to 60hz. I’m not sure why this would be causing a problem, but it did for me and others as well. According to the documentation, when we disable the feature it can lead to visual tearing during rapid screen updates, though I haven’t had a single problem since disabling it.

So here is what you need to do to solve the problem. After this, most or all of your latency should be gone.
1. Paste/type this into your address bar: chrome://flags/
2.  Find “Disable GPU VSync”
3. Click, “Enable”
4. Click “Relaunch Now” at the bottom of the browser

That’s it! Chrome will be restarted and opened again with all the same tabs open. Hopefully your cursor lag is now gone, and you can now highlight text  and scroll properly. Let me know if this worked for you in the comments. I would love to find out what causes this… I think it might be graphics card related. I am running a 460 GTX and a 8400GS card with dual monitors. I had the problem on both monitors, though much greater for the 8400.

If you are interested in other optimizations to Chrome, have a look at my other post detailing how to remove that annoying apps shortcut from your bookmarks bar.

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