Take control of your own website with Cornerstone

It’s your website, you shouldn’t have to pay someone to change simple content.


The best drag-and-drop editor ever created

One of the most common questions we get from new clients is, “How can I make changes to my site once it’s built?” The answer is that they can do it themselves if they like, with incredible ease. Watch the overview video to the right and see Cornerstone in action.

What can Cornerstone help you with?

  • Easily edit your own content

    With Cornerstone you can simply click on a piece of text and modify it.

  • Edit your site exactly as it appears

    No more messing around in the “backend,” editing a block of text that seems to have nothing to do with your actual website. What you see is what you get!

  • Add videos, images, or just about anything else easily

    Embedding videos or any other type of media is extremely easy with Cornerstone. Even fancy icon lists like the one your reading now are a breeze to add.

  • Easily manage layouts using rows and columns

    You can easily add new rows with any number of columns to easily control where you content goes. If you want that image to stay on the right, you can make it stay on the right!

  • Mobile-friendly content

    Content with in Cornerstone is inherently mobile-friendly, and in fact, there are special tools to allow you to view the site as a mobile device would, while you’re editing it!

  • Training for when you need help

    Fear the unknown? Fear no more! With every new site, we include training to help you get on track. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the introductory videos we provide every new client.

  • Save money

    Many website companies will lock you in to a system where you can’t change anything on your own and you have to pay them for everything. Why not save that cash and do it yourself?


Are you ready to take control of your content?

We bring ideas to life in the form of clean, elegant websites. We would love to hear from you about your next project.


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