You’re not alone! Use these tutorials to help you with your website.

The following video tutorials will help you in working with your WordPress website. Most apply specifically to my own clients and pertain to things like the Cornerstone front-end editor or X Theme, which many of my clients have.

Looking for more tutorials? You can find countless more over at my blog under the tutorial category, most of which relate to WordPress.

Logging in to Your WordPress Site

The logical starting point for any tutorial, this video simply shows you how to log in to your WordPress website.

Adding Pages & Working with Menus

This video goes through some very basic principals behind WordPress and explains how to add pages to your website and how to add or remove items from the menu.

Working With Cornerstone Front-End Editor

This is where all the magic happens. Cornerstone is very user-friendly, but there are a few things you should know when working with it. This hands-on guide will show you how to do full-width sections, work with the various elements, and much more. Cornerstone is the editor that comes with X Theme and is included with new sites from BJD.

Working With the Customizer – X Theme

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the WordPress Customizer to drastically alter the look of your X Theme site. Using this powerful tool, you can completely customize everything from the button colors, sizes and shapes; fonts and font sizes; layouts; and even the general look of your website.

WordPress SEO Overview

SEO is complicated, we get it. But hopefully this video will allow you to hit the ground running while optimizing your own website. I cover some general advice when picking keywords and some walkthroughs of actually implementing those keywords.

Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials are not for the average user. However, if getting maximum mileage out of your website is what you’re after, check them out!

Optimizing Image File Sizes for Websites

In this tutorial, we’ll cover some nuances of file uploads and images within WordPress to optimizing site load times and also website size. Ideally you would have Photoshop to follow along, though other similar programs would in fact work as well.

Displaying Different Content For Mobile

Often times you’ll find yourself wanting to display content very differently for the various devices people use to access your website. Or perhaps you want to display different content altogether. Either way: Cornerstone makes this very easy to do. Follow along with the tutorial and see what you can come up with.