Display Field Entries in Backend But Not Form – Events Manager Plugin

If you use the Events Manager WordPress plugin regularly, it’s likely you’ve run into this problem before. You decide you want to adjust the fields that show up in the frontend on your booking form. Maybe you are combining multiple fields, or maybe you just want to remove some old ones and add new ones.

But what if you still want to be able to view the entries from the old fields? If you remove those fields completely from the form, you can no longer see what respondents of the outdated form entered in the backend.

The solution? Leave the old fields in the form, but for the “Type” field on each form, select “Select Type”.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

1. Log in to the WordPress backend.Events Manager "Select Type"
2. Hover over “Events” on the left and select, “Forms Editor.”
3. Find the form you wish to edit, and the fields which you no longer wish to display.
4. For the third drop-down menu for each field, click it and select “Select Type.”
5. Click “Save Form” at the bottom of the form area.

That’s it! The reason that this works is that the program needs a type for the field in order to know what to do with it in the frontend. In the backend it will still display whatever data it had for past entries. You get to retain all data without having future respondents enter outdated information.

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