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Built-in to WordPress is a nifty function, wp_dropdown_categories, that is supposed to list all your categories in a drop-down menu and, with the right script, link directly to them. It even has an argument for using it with a custom taxonomy. The only thing is, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t produce the appropriate link. It appears to produce a link like /?cat=# which you would assume would work if you weren’t using pretty permalinks. Only it doesn’t . It never works. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been addressed but it is a serious hole in this function.

Alternately, you can create just a list of parent-level terms with links to their pages and no dropdown menu,

So how do we make this work?  After some digging online, I found this script. It was originally developed here years ago, but it was brought back to life here. And it works brilliantly. Here’s the code:

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To make this work for your taxonomy, replace “custom-tax” near the top with the name of your custom taxonomy. Then near the bottom, replace “/category/” with the slug for your custom taxonomy. In my case, I replaced it with “/location/”. Drop this right in, and it should work great!You can adjust the $args by putting them in get_categories(). You can view the WordPress Codex on that function here. Simple stuff!I personally spent many many hours trying to make the regular wp_dropdown_categories working for me, but to no avail. Finding this script made my life so much easier, and hopefully it will do the same for you.

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