How to Export a MySQL Database With Only Location, Username, and Password Using MySQL Workbench

If you have only the name, location (ip address or web address), and password for you WordPress or other MySQL database, it is possible to easily export the entire database into one single .sql file without having any other admin privileges or the phpmyadmin link. We will be using a free tool called MySQL Workbench. You can download the latest version here

Here are the steps to backing up your database. I would estimate this should only take a few minutes once you have Workbench installed. The export itself could range anywhere from 2 seconds to many minutes if you have a large database.

1. Open MySQL Workbench.
2.  From the main screen, in the lower-right section about Server Administration, near the bottom, click the button “New Server Instance.”
3.  Check the box for “Remote Host” and enter it’s location, either an IP Address or Hostname. Click next.
4.  For “Username,” enter your username. For “Password,” click “Store in Vault…” and enter your password in there. Don’t mess with any other settings unless you happen to know they need to be different. For WordPress, just leave the default schema blank. Click next.
5.  It may prompt you to add the password again. Enter it and check “Save password in vault.” Hit okay and then next.
6. Make sure “Do not use remote management” is selected, and click next.
7.  Enter a name for your server, click finish.
8. You should be back at the main screen. On the bottom right, under the “New Server Instance” button we clicked earlier, click “Manage Import / Export.”
9.  Check the box next to the database you wish to export.
10. Select the radio button for “Export to Self-Contained File.” Take note of where the file will be exported to. Change if you wish. Click “Start Export” on the lower right.
11.  Now you just wait for it to complete. Small databases shouldn’t take long. Large ones could take quite some time, and it may look like the program isn’t doing anything. Just give it some time.

That’s it! You now have an exported .sql file of your database.

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