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I recently came across an interesting issue with a client website which was hosted at GoDaddy. They couldn’t seem to add or save featured images to their blog posts. When loading the media library, everything loaded extremely slowly.

It seemed you could add a featured image, it was just extremely slow. The image wouldn’t quite load right but it seemed like maybe it had been added. However, when you saved and viewed the page: there was nothing there!

After testing quite a bit, we determined that it really was not saving any featured images ever.

How to solve the issue of featured images not saving with GoDaddy

The way to fix this issue is: upgrade your hosting to a better provider.

GoDaddy is simply an ultra-low-cost website host, and to get their costs so low, they need to cut corners. This means that many of their servers are ancient and crowded with thousands upon thousands of websites.

If you’re lucky, this might just mean your site loads very slow but is otherwise functioning well.

If you aren’t lucky, as was the case of my client: other things actually seem to break.

In this case, performance appears to be so bad, that images don’t even get saved to the post. It’s an unusual occurrence but these things do happen.

It’s possible this issue is specific to GoDaddy hosting, but I suspect it’s possible at other bargain hosts like Bluehost, HostGator, and more.

The important thing to note is that this is not the only symptom of really bad hosting. Sooner or later, you’re likely to face issues like:

  • Extremely slow load times
  • Poor uptime
  • Intermittent performance problems
  • PHP errors
  • Other errors on the front-end
  • Misc. bugs like this one

I strongly recommend upgrading to a better hosting environment. It doesn’t cost that much more, and it can provide the easiest ROI out there.

We provide rock-solid, WordPress-optimized website hosting that is free from these kinds of unacceptable issues. We also fully-manage all aspects of it for the business owner that has better things to worry about than dealing with silly website problems.

Alternatively, I recommend going with one of the premium WordPress hosts that competes on quality, not price.

If you are running a legitimate business, it just makes no sense to keep tolerating such problems.

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