How Can I Modify the CSS of my Website?

If you have a free, website, you may have wondered to yourself whether you can customize the theme you are using. And you may even know a little CSS and thought you would try to customize everything. Sadly, with the free version of, you cannot actually make changes to the CSS of your theme.Editing the CSS on your website

What forces you to do is pay for the “Custom Design Upgrade,” which costs $30.00 USD per blog, per year to maintain. This upgrade adds a few new features, including the ability to add whatever CSS you want. Seems like a ripoff to me.

In my opinion, a much better solution is just to migrate your blog over to a standard solution. This is what I use for many of my clients. I like to say that it’s the “full version” of WordPress, and you can do whatever you want with it. To edit the CSS of your theme in, you simply go to your dashboard and click “Editor” under the Appearance tab and it will bring you right to your theme’s stylesheet. You don’t even need a code editor or ftp client.

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