How to Make Second-Level Indents for Lists in Gmail

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This is a nice and easy one today.

I found myself unable to figure out how to indent an item in a bulleted or numbered list further so that it was a sub-item of the item above it. Like so many things, if I had just just looked around little bit and thought about it, I would have figured it out immediately.

Instead, I Googled it. And like most of the time when I Google something, the results were asinine and, more importantly: wrong. I assure you that pressing “tab” is not going to help you.

I’m here to fix that. Hopefully Google will guide you here when you search the same thing as me.

How can I make a second-level indent for a list item in Gmail?

  1. Click anywhere in the list item to be indented further
  2. Press Ctrl+] or simply click the “Indent More” button from the formatting options toolbar
    Screenshot of the formatting options toolbar in Gmail, with the "indent more" button circled

That’s it!

You can also press and hold “ctrl” and either brackets key to increase or decrease the level of indentation.

That’s all there is to it! I hope this helps.

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