How to Limit BackWPup Storage Space Usage

While BackWPup might be a decent backup solution for WordPress in the right circumstances, one of its features which seems to be pointlessly difficult to figure out is how to restrict the number of backups it stores and the space they take up. You would think this would be incredibly obvious, but it actually isn’t!

Once you know how to do it, however, it’s actually very simple to do. Here it is:

1. From the WordPress Backend, go to BackWPup -> Jobs
2. For each job you wish to limit, click edit on that job
3. Click the “To: Folder” tab
4. Enter a number for “File Deletion”. This specifies the maximum number of files the plugin will store in that folder. An entry of “0” will result in unlimited storage and will never delete anything.


Easy stuff! You can decide how many backups you need to keep based on your own needs and situation. Typically I like to keep full site backups as old as a year or more, so it might make sense to do one backup that only runs monthly or less frequently and have that one job keep just a handful of backups. If you need any help configuring your backups or site, please use the form below to get in touch with us. Or, to not have to worry about backups at all, read more about our premium WordPress hosting which includes cloud backups.

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