“pageok” Error: Godaddy Website Hosting

(updated July 7th, 2021)

Are you working on hosting a site or transferring a site to your hosting account at Godaddy, and even though everything seems like it’s set up right, all that’s showing up on the page is “pageok” in small black text on a white background? This is actually quite common! And for whatever reason, the guys at Godaddy somehow haven’t really figured out what this means yet.

If you look at the code of the page, it usually looks like this:

Who is this mysterious, “Puppet” from hostingcms02, and why is he managing this random page? Technically I believe “Puppet” is a piece of software Godaddy uses to manage its hosing environments, but that’s not really important. I do know what this generally means.

"pageok" error message that pops up under Godaddy hosting

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What causes the pageok error?

Typically what the appearance of this page means is that the domain is pointing to a Godaddy server which, in Godaddy’s system, is not configured to host the site. This could be because it is still hosted on another Godaddy server, or because this new server is still being configured to host that site.

If you just set something up today, and especially if the domain had not been hosted anywhere yet, you need to give it an hour or two after you add the domain to the hosting account before this will correct itself. Usually it’s less time than that, and in fact, if you set up the hosting of the domain the same time you changed the host records for the domain,  it should happen in much less time than the changing of that A record.

Normally if you see the “pageok” error, the changes to the host record have gone through, and if you set it up properly, it is now pointing to your hosting location.

Pageok Godaddy Solution

But what if this message has been displaying for more than a few hours? Or worse, more than 24 hours? This indicates a problem with Godaddy. In most instances, this will resolve itself. Eventually, the old hosting account will let go of the domain and the new account can take it. But I’ve seen this take as long as several weeks. Usually you don’t want to wait that long.

One thing to check is to ensure that the IP address of your hosting hasn’t changed. What you’ll want to do is enter your website domain into this site and then compare the IP address that comes up with the one in your hosting account. If they’re different, that’s likely your problem! You’ll need to point your domain name’s DNS to the new IP address.

If it’s an option, you may want to remove the domain from the old hosting account and delete the account. If not, your only hope is to call Godaddy support and ask them to forcibly move the account.

They will probably tell you to just wait, and it will happen, but you need to insist that they manually remove the domain from the old hosting location, and add it to the new one. There is a good chance this will solve your problem.

Another, longer-term solution, is to simply upgrade to a better host. It’s not that much more costly to get the best WordPress hosting around.

I hope this helps someone. I’ve been burned with this before, but my loss is your gain! If this helps you, let me know in the comments. If not, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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