“pageok” Error: Godaddy Website Hosting

(updated May 3rd, 2023)

Are you working on hosting a site or transferring a site to your hosting account at Godaddy, and even though everything seems like it’s set up right, all that’s showing up on the page is “pageok” in small black text on a white background? This is actually quite common! And for whatever reason, the guys at Godaddy somehow haven’t really figured out what this means yet.

If you look at the code of the page, it usually looks like this:

Who is this mysterious, “Puppet” from hostingcms02, and why is he managing this random page? Technically I believe “Puppet” is a piece of software Godaddy uses to manage its hosing environments, but that’s not really important. I do know what this generally means.

"pageok" error message that pops up under Godaddy hosting

It’s so lonely…

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What causes the pageok error?

Typically what the appearance of this page means is that the domain is pointing to a Godaddy server which, in Godaddy’s system, is not configured to host the site. This could be because it is still hosted on another Godaddy server, or because this new server is still being configured to host that site.

If you just set something up today, and especially if the domain had not been hosted anywhere yet, you need to give it an hour or two after you add the domain to the hosting account before this will correct itself. Usually it’s less time than that.

Normally if you see the “pageok” error, the changes to the host record have gone through, and if you set it up properly, it is now pointing to your hosting location.

Pageok Godaddy Solution

But what if this message has been displaying for more than a few hours? Or worse, more than 24 hours? This indicates a problem with Godaddy. In most instances, this will resolve itself. Eventually, the old hosting account will let go of the domain and the new account can take it. But I’ve seen this take as long as several weeks. Usually you don’t want to wait that long.

One thing to check is to ensure that the IP address of your hosting hasn’t changed. What you’ll want to do is enter your website domain into this site and then compare the IP address that comes up with the one in your hosting account. If they’re different, that’s likely your problem! You’ll need to point your domain name’s DNS to the new IP address.

If it’s an option, you may want to remove the domain from the old hosting account and delete the account. If not, your only hope is to call Godaddy support and ask them to forcibly move the account.

They will probably tell you to just wait, and it will happen, but you need to insist that they manually remove the domain from the old hosting location, and add it to the new one. There is a good chance this will solve your problem.

Another, longer-term solution, is to simply upgrade to a better host. It’s not that much more costly to get the best WordPress hosting around.

I hope this helps someone. I’ve been burned with this before, but my loss is your gain! If this helps you, let me know in the comments. If not, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

About Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a website developer and designer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a passion for code and WordPress. He spends his days building WordPress websites for small businesses, developing new code with the online community, and living life.

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  1. We have a site that we host on a third-party server. We wanted to set up a blog, so we created a subdomain, blog.DOMAINNAME.com.

    The blog is hosted by GoDaddy using WordPress. It has it’s own domain by default. Let’s call it WordPressBlog.com

    What we tried doing was setting up a CNAME so that blog.DOMAINNAME.com pointed to WordPressBlog.com

    If I go straight to WordPressBlog.com, the WordPress page loads as expected. But if I go to blog.DOMAINNAME.com, it displays “pageok” even though it’s resolving to the same IP address.

    The GoDaddy tech said I have to host DOMAINNAME.com on my GoDaddy account. I told him that wasn’t possible. He said I shouldn’t use a CNAME, that I should instead forward the domain. It seems to me that CNAME should work.

    Who’s right? And if I should be able to use CNAME, how do I fix this?

  2. I had the same pageok error in the browser. This happened after I deleted the old WordPress site and reinstalled a new one. After that, I couldn’t add the domain name to the new site. It wasn’t in the selection list and when I tried to add manually, the error stated the it has already been hosted elsewhere. I suspect that after deleting the old site, somehow the domain was still pointing to that site internally within their system, even though I had updated the A record to point to the new site. After insisting the support team look at my old deleted site, the problem was resolved.

  3. I’m a retired web developer. Maybe this has already been covered earlier, but I thought I’d report it here in case it helps someone.

    I have a cron job (running under Linux) that checks my (former) clients’ sites four times a day for a change in the number of characters on a
    page and emails me if it does. One of those clients, who’s hosted on GoDaddy, got the pageok error around 10 AM on June 24.

    Then, by 4 PM June 25, the original home page returned, but ALSO with some JavaScript (a hack to the page) at the end of the page. I notified him but, because I’m retired, I’ve notified him but haven’t done any checking.

    I tried to post the code here, but got a 503 or 504 error page after I clicked Submit. So I put the code on my (old) personal website::


    1. Hi Jerry,

      Did you reach out to Godaddy regarding the extra code? From my research it looks like it’s actually something from Godaddy; a new beta feature. I don’t think it’s associated with a hack!

  4. I am having this problem on a website I visit, and it has been a problem for several months.

    It isn’t my website – so I don’t host it – though I am able to log on to it, and at the same time set up my own WordPress account (which I don’t use, and with which I don’t have a problem). I’m not sure now, but it may be that the problems stem from when I was given very limited access to the site.

    I’ve tried setting my DNS names on my network adapter to google’s DNS names and I’ve flushed the DNS cache. None of that works. I don’t have any sort of relationship with GoDaddy, though I see I have some certificates for them. This is only a problem on my pc – my phone and laptop have no problems. I can access the site using Opera with a vpn, but not using Opera without a vpn, nor with any other browser (FireFox, IE & Chrome).

    So far as I am aware, no-one else has a problem with the site – not even people who use the same isp as me.

    1. I’d say it’s likely that your browser or computer is caching the DNS address somewhere still. You could try manually setting the IP address in your local hosts file and seeing if that works!

      I would also try pinging the domain name in your command line (ping example.com) and seeing what IP comes up. If it’s different than what other computers or whatsmydns.net returns, you’ve got an issue.

  5. I am not getting the “pageok” error message on any of my devices when I go to the website. However, the agency I am using to work on my SEO campaign is getting it on all the pages but the home page. I’ve contacted GoDaddy and they don’t get the “pageok” error. Is this a GoDaddy problem? Or the agency problem?

    1. Sounds to me like the agency is probably using a hosts file to point to an old or wrong hosting location. You’ll want them to ping the site and make sure it’s the right location!

  6. Hi Brian, I have 4 websites hosted in Godaddy Developer Managed WordPress from 5 months now. 3 websites are working fine but on one of my websites I am getting this intermittent “PageOk” error. I called Godaddy’s customer care but they could hardly understand the issue. I used the Flush Cache button in my WordPress Dashboard (Exclusively provided in Godaddy Managed WordPress) and it seemed to work fine. But this was for only an hour or so and then I got the same PageOk error. So, whenever I flush Cache it becomes fine. Plz tell me how should i go about this. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. This EXACT thing happened to us recently and we wasted hours trying to figure out what was going on. When we called GoDaddy they transferred us from Domain > Hosting and that guy looked around and said that our files had been deleted or they just weren’t there. We had told him about the “pageok” message and apparently that didn;t register to him. AFTER we hung up and thought we were going to have to recreate an entire site, we Googled “pageok” and the second entry was yours. BRILLIANT. I want to send this page url to GoDaddy and ask them why you know so much more about this error message than they do. But I’m exhausted.

    We will not forget that you exist and will email you if we run into any related issues. Thank you so much for doing this!

    1. Yes, some of them seem to know it pretty well, but obviously you’re going to run into techs with varying levels of experience.

      I’m glad I was able to help though, and definitely let me know if you need anything!

  8. Came back to say how I fixed this. I have a site hosted on Wix, and Wix is therefore in charge of my DNS settings. I wanted to create a subdomain that would point to an external resource hosted on a different domain (which uses GoDaddy hosting). Wix didn’t have any sort of forwarding option, so I added the subdomain by adding a new CNAME record (and actually I think this is a better way of doing it, because whenever I created subdomains in GoDaddy with forwarding/masking, they were always loading within an iframe which became problematic in my ability to execute responsive design properly).

    Anyway, right after I created the new CNAME record, I immediately saw that “pageok” message in my browser and after waiting an hour, I called Wix. They advised me to wait 48 hours which just sounded like they didn’t want to help. I waited a few more hours and called GoDaddy. I was advised to go into my hosting account and click on “Hosted Domains.” Then I clicked the “Add Domain” button (which is a horrible button because it’s dark blue text on a black background, lol). I added the subdomain that I had created in Wix. Instantly, the “pageok” went away and my page worked! YAYYYY!

    As a side note, I actually wanted the subdomain to point to a subdirectory but since this wasn’t an option with GoDaddy’s basic hosting plan, I simply added the following to my .htaccess file:
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?sub.domain\.com$ [NC]
    RewriteRule !^subdir/ /subdir%{REQUEST_URI} [L,NC]

    Yay for saving money!

    1. Nice work! And yes, this wouldn’t have been Wix’s problem. The pageok error is almost always associated with Godaddy, and generally is an indication that a site is not configured within the hosting properly. Sometimes that just means setting up the domain in your hosting like you did, sometimes there is something on their end they need to deal with.

  9. We had a WordPress site on our server (not godaddy) and it was hacked with official-statcounter-plugin-for-wordpress/db.php . I suppose it sended emails because it contained phpmailer and smtp classes.
    So from the access log we saw different IP-s, and the most of them comes from these godaddy pageok sites. I guess these are part of a botnet site.

    1. I don’t think that is quite accurate. Godaddy hosts a lot of sites, and if you were to manually browse to the IP address of the server for any of them you’d likely get this error because their servers aren’t configured to be accessed directly. I’m positive the pageok error has nothing to do with a botnet.

  10. I built a new site taking the domain name and hosting from GoDaddy in January 2016. I built 20 post and 10 pages.

    At 3 am on June 28, 2016, I saw my site had vanished and I was getting a blank page with pageok written on the top left hand corner.

    I called GoDaddy and they said they had no idea what the issue is and they would fix it in about 30mins.

    It is 3.40 am on June 28, 2016 as I write this.

  11. We had this same issue. we had already moved our main domain to another server because we had had it with Godaddy and just had left the Godaddy hosting temporarily up and a sub-domain “old” mapped the Godaddy hosting ip address for comparisons. It hasn’t been updated by us in 2 weeks because we’re obviously doing updates on the new hosting. For a couple weeks the “old” subdomain was working fine and pointing successfully to the old Godaddy server, up until this morning. Then today we got the Godaddy email “your account has been updated” email and the hosting had a new ip address. Just because having comparisons a bit longer is nice, we tried updating the subdomain “old” to use the new ip address. Even after the 1/2 hour TTL, no luck (though sometimes the ISP is slow in getting updates, so jury is still out). If the issue doesn’t go away, we’ll probably just get rid of the subdomain and hosting earlier than expected since the “old” subdomain is nice-to-have, not a need anymore. It’s just ironic that if we hadn’t migrated away from Godaddy already, our site would have been down for already half a day, and probably longer.

    1. Yep, that can happen! I’ve gotten the “You account has been updated” email from them which is always perplexing, and can lead to sites going down. You’d think there would be some warning!

      Anyway, I would check this site to see how it’s propagated across the web: https://www.whatsmydns.net/

    2. I have a client who’s site..went pakeoak over six months ago.

      this was okay with me as he more or less stiffed me for the work I did for him, but he’s back with a request to fix the missing site problem.

      Im ready to start at square one money wise and he will also need to be prepared for that..but Id like to know that the pageok issue is really all about! Thank you!

  12. I *may* have discovered a reason why pageok seems to persist, even after several days. After tearing my hair out and contemplating jumping from my fourth floor balcony, I decided to have another look at the DNS Admin section, after reading the previous couple of comments, especially Dwayne’s. I found the link to preview (after hunting) but it made no difference. (Actually I tried to refind that link and now cannot find it!!! Godaddy has super pants CP.)

    So, what I discovered was that another member of our tech admin had added the domain with a ‘www’ included, so there were in fact 2 domains with the same url, one WITH www, one WITHOUT www, which I had set up. He had not told me (duh), and of course this is now causing massive problems because anyone who accesses the site without using www will get a pageok error returned, as I think his http://www.domain.com takes precedence. I have encountered this issue before in other situations (not Godaddy), and it caused major cockups until I put in an htaccess to always return a ‘www’ in the url, even when people type in the domain without.

    Hope this helps others as another thing to try. Its worth checking.

  13. I was able to get my wordpress site working after using an option Godaddy has under Web Hosting / DNS link for Preview. After enabling it, I was able to preview my site actually working fine and then selecting an option to apply those changes. The usual message about 24-48 hours came up but the site was operational after a few minutes. Maybe something Godaddy introduced recently.

  14. Best option if the ‘page ok’ issue persists – when calling GoDaddy support – is to request they do a “domain reconcile.” It’s internal speak that means “get the DNS back on track with the current setup.” How is this helpful? If there was a change, even if it’s an SSL setup on the hosting plan, or you’ve changed accounts internally, it aligns to the CURRENT setup which will allow it to point properly. The typical response after this is submitted is “wait 24-48hours” but usually takes less than 10-30m to complete.

  15. I have been crippled by a random ‘pageok’ error also. My original host was garbage and full of 500 Internal Server Failure and Apache Port 80 errors suddenly for no good reason so GoDaddy sorted me out a ‘deluxe’ managed wordpress package. After failing to move my site several times for no reason, I got them to do it and after a weeks downtime, it was moved and working, aside from the random ‘pageok’ errors I was seeing now. Then I changed and propagated the domain (its been 6 days since, its well and truly had its “72 hours”) and still ‘pageok’ errors. My site (TheMetalReview.com) also experiences problems in the tables since a GoDaddy tech nicely fixed some of the original site’s ‘custom code’ that my predecessor left. But apparently that’s all been removed and everything should work but the errors are as rampant as they’ve every been and it’s interfering with my writers producing content and is well and truly costing me money now, as well as preventing me from making any. Every time I try to start editing things or posting articles or changing plugin settings I get ‘pageok’ and everything didn’t save -_-

    When I talk to GoDaddy, they say they “Cannot replicate the error so it’s on my end” yet admit to seeing the tables all messed up (We’re actually running Flavour Theme) and keep telling me to flush caches. I’m not flushing any more damn caches. I’ve flushed my internet, cmd and flash for no reason like 50 times now.

    The DNS is apparently fine. I just don’t know what to do at this stage

  16. This happened to me. Called godaddy. 1. They upsold me. Told me that I was on economy plan and since I was running more than one website that I need to upgrade to deluxe. This however did not fix the problem. 2. Advanced team fixed problem. Said for one reason or another the domain needed to be toggled. The domain was disconnected from managed wordpress.

  17. Just got that error on a client site (on GoDaddy). Domain and hosting had been there for quite a while – not new. Was just about to transfer the domain to a new development site I built on their WP managed hosting. GoDaddy said it was a caching issue, but I rarely believe them.
    I thought that “managed by puppet” message in the source code indicated it had been hacked. GD said, after waving their magic wand and fixing the “cache issue”, that it might be some malicious code that was lurking somewhere. Then they tried to sell me their $48 malware scanning service. I told them I’d use my free WordFence or iThemes Security plugin, thank-you-very-much.

    1. Yes, I very much doubt it had anything to do with malware. While “managed by puppet” might sound like a hacker’s calling card, it’s actually a reference to some server software I believe.

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  19. Hi. it’s just happened to me. At least 12 websites of my property were affected. This time the situation was caused by an update:

    Here is an excerpt from the email received from Godaddy:

    “Congratulations! You are now able to publish to your updated hosting account.

    Please note that it can take up to 24 hours from the time the update was completed for any newly-published content to be visible on your website.

    DNS NOTE: Your account has been assigned the new IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.x …………. etc…..

    1. I have same problem happened now with my godaddy shared hosting account. is your problem resolved automatically or you did something to resolve it

  20. When I type , the site is visible. But with , getting pageok error message.

    I have changed the primary domain name for the hosting account and started afresh with downloading Joomla 2.5.

    This problem appears to be confined to my office as from other places, both are visible.

    1. You appear to have typed in the same thing twice… Maybe you meant to have one with www and one without? Either way, ensure that your host record is set up to redirect one to the other, and then give it time to propagate.

  21. Hi Brian,

    I too am having this problem. I called GoDaddy and they offered ZERO help (just like you said).

    I am currently having my site transferred from GoDaddy to a new web host. Could this be the reason why I am getting the error message when I try to access my site?

    1. If you are transferring to a new host, I would say your problem is probably slightly different. If the pageok message is displaying, then odds are your site is still pointing to Godaddy’s servers. Either your host record changes have not been, made, or you have not given it enough time to propagate yet. If you just changed them, give it a day or two to propagate before doing anything.

  22. Oddly enough, I get this error on Chrome with Web Dev tools but not other browsers. I believe the issue might be on the user end. Not really sure. but might have something to do with Chrome or another common dev tool.

    1. I know in some instances, when the hosting is just being set up, a browser will cache the page that way and won’t update. In my experience that’s the only way that different browsers would produce different results for this.

  23. Hi Brian,
    I am new to web hosting,i have one issue after hosting my website in godaddy.”my home page displaying as an index list only?”.Once i google it i knew that we need to edit .htaccess file.how can i do that? will u please guide me

    1. It’s possible that’s your problem, or you just don’t have an index file… There needs to be a file in that root folder called “index.html” or “index.php” or something similar. If you don’t have one of these, there is no page to display.

  24. Hi Brian, Great post. I have got the dreaded pageok message coming up. Unfortunately just to add confusion my website is routed through the cloudflare system before it gets to my godaddy linux hosting. I have emailed both cloudflare and godaddy and still waiting to hear back from them (20 hrs so far) as I really unsure which one will be able to help. Have you come across the ‘pageok’ scenario before when cloudflare is involved?

    1. I have no experience with cloudflare, though I would still suspect that the problem is with Godaddy. Is your site effortless.it? It looks like you got it resolved! Anything special you had to do?

  25. Many thanks, Brian for your article. I read it through a few times and accessed my GoDaddy account. I had contacted GoDaddy two days ago and had not heard anything back. So I checked the IP settings and DNS and all appears to be ok. Then I noticed a message in you column relating to browsers and remembered that Chrome has to have cache cleared regularly or strange things happen. This I did and now my web site appears fine.

    Great posting. Thanks again.

    Fred (England)

  26. My site has been with GoDaddy since it started, but about a week ago I started having sporadic problems with getting into the site. The reason I ended up here was because if I try to look at the site by typing in the IP address I get exactly what you have here. siteok. The IP address is registered to GoDaddy in the Netherlands, so I don’t know if they are in the process of moving things around, but it’s certainly not from us.

  27. I found the issue exists primarily with Int Explorer. I checked Safari and it was there as well but has since vanished. It never popped up with Chrome and so your explanation might not hold true for all situations. The source code that I checked was nearly identical to what you listed above. In my case, there are no alphanumeric characters after the word “puppet”.

    1. The issue is completely independent of the browser. What you are seeing is possible DNS cacheing in your browser or just regular cacheing. Clearing your cache will most likely result in identical results across browsers.

  28. I was having the problem on and off and it appeared to be the router cache as the pages showed on other systems.

    Here is how to fix that corrupted DNS cache.

    1. Click the Microsoft Start logo in the bottom left corner of the screen
    2. Click All Programs
    3. Click Accessories
    4. RIGHT-click on Command Prompt
    5. Select Run As Administrator
    6. In the command window type the following and then hit enter: ipconfig /flushdns
    7. You will see the following confirmation:

    Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

    Pages showed up on reload!

  29. thanks for this, i just transferred my domain from godaddy and tried to access my hosting via the IP and got this no matter which subdirectory i tried to accesss

  30. Thanks Mike for the solution you mentioned. I have a. similar problem with my sub-domains only. The main site is working OK, but the sub-domains display the lonely and annoying “pageok” error message. Will apply your solution and see what happens. Thanks!

  31. Thanks for your post because I too was getting the “pageok” from my subdomain link. What eventually worked for me was deleting the alias cname record that I had for my subdomain and setting up subdomain forwarding without masking. now blog.mydomain.com displays my website and not the pageOK. It only took a few minutes after the change but it was a few calls to godaddy.

  32. “And for whatever reason, the guys at Godaddy somehow haven’t really figured out what this means yet.”

    This is annoyingly true. I know this is such a common issue, but every single time this happens when setting up a site for a client, I call them, and the person at Godaddy seems baffled by such a thing. As if it’s never happened before. From my experience, I’ve always had to call to have them fix it. But who can complain when their hosting is so cheap.

  33. Hi Brian,

    today im getting same issue. I tried uploading php file with just a hello statement. But it still gives me “pageok”.

    What might be reason ? I waited for 3hrs or more to resolve it automatically. But problem still exist.

  34. Hola mi estimado amigo Brian Johnson, hace ya unos 4 días cuando trato de ingresar a mi sitio web “tgsa.com.pe” me sale este bendito mensaje “pageok” con fondo blando y tampoco puedo recibir correos que tienen el mismo dominio”@tgsa.com.pe”, me eh comunicado con GoDaddy y me dijeron q se solucionaría en menos de 24 horas pero a pasado 3 días después de la llamada y hasta el momento todo sigue igual (sin pagina y sin recibir correos), habrá alguna forma como solucionar esto sin que tener que esperar a que godaddy se le interese solucionar este problema.

    1. Le sugiero que se ponga en contacto Godaddy y solicita a solucionar el problema. Lo más probable es que hay algo mal configurado.

      ¿Funcionó el sitio antes de que el error “pageok”? ¿O es que el sitio ha pasado de una serie o de forma diferente?

  35. i m also suffering from the same issue since last friday i.e 20 December i have added a subdomain to my existing domain and it’s happening to my subdomain although my site is acessabel via that perticular folde

  36. I have the similar problem.After I made A record to point my domain to the IP address of my account at godaddy.com from another domain register service. The pageok shows. But when I add the domain as hosted domain at the account of godaddy. I could see the default welcome page It seems the setting up was fine. However, after I uploaded the files of wordpress version 3.7.1, the pageok page shows. Is the problem of wordpress 3.7.1? I have been waiting for 2 hours so far. Should I delete the account for hosted domain and reset up again? Many thanks.

    1. The problem is definitely not WordPress. If the welcome page was showing, that means that the domain is correctly pointing to Godaddy, but that the hosting of it actually has not really begun yet. It may have just been a coincidence with the timing. When you set up the files in the Godaddy hosting, did you specify which domain would be using them?

      It might be worth calling support and making sure everything is correct.

  37. I’m suddenly having the pageok problem for files hosted on a subdomain, files.belaircamera.com, which is hosted on godaddy. The main site is managed by counterpoint’s online backend and hosted by NCR. I’m having trouble with this site not loading the index to the browser until the second request, although it does load the favicon immediately. I tried to call godaddy’s support, but even with the access code they wouldn’t take the call, so I emailed them but haven’t heard back yet (it’s been a few hours.)

    1. Hmmm I’m not sure what the problem you are having is. I think you are going to have to work that out with support! What do you mean they wouldn’t take the call? I’ve never had any trouble getting through to them!

  38. Have a similar problem. the PAGEOK show up when I put in the IP Address and the domain name is RanchoMirageCA.Gov I have moved the site from another hosts to Godaddy and have had this problem. Anything else I can do besides what you have already suggested?

    1. It’s looking like you probably don’t have the site set up properly in your Godaddy hosting account. Typically entering the IP address isn’t going to get you to your site for Godaddy hosting, so it’s probably an unrelated issue. If you JUST set everything up, give it probably 2-4 hours for everything to go through, otherwise if the problem persists I would just call Godaddy and have them verify that everything is set up properly in your account.

  39. Typically this page will appear if your site cannot locate a valid index file in the root folder your domain name is resolving to. If you have already verified that a valid index file name has been uploaded, you will want to reach out to our Live Support via phone or email so we can further investigate the matter.

    When a visitor types your domain name in to their browser they are automatically directed to your website’s default file. For example, to go to Google, you type google.com. It doesn’t show up in your browser, but you’re actually looking at the index.html page. Try it yourself, type google.com/index.html in your browser.
    You might have guessed, index.html file is a default file. If it’s the only default file in the root directory, it automatically displays when someone goes to your domain name.
    If you have more than one default file in a directory, the server decides which one takes priority, and then displays that file. Understanding the order the files are served is key to making sure the correct page displays on your website.
    Default File Names and Order of Precedence – Windows
    Default File Names and Order of Precedence – Linux
    You should be able to test the functionality of your hosting plan by typing in the full path to any of your website files.

  40. PAGEOK is also the problem that Godaddy use a script. If they point to new DNS and remove that script, everything will work very properly without problem.MX Error records also can only be fixed by hosting provider Godaddy.

    Sadun KAYA

  41. 3 days ago my website has been transfered to a new server without asking me, but after they have transfered, we see only a White page and was writing PAGEOK, I have called the Godaddy, they said it is because of our website has not pointed to the new server IP, they did and poiğnted to the new one and they said it will take max 24 hours, but although it has passed 72 hours, today the problem still has not been resolved, so I called Godaddy again, they said it will take 72 hours to be resolved. What a bad support system. In the morning other Godaddy support operatör said me it will take only 2 hours, but still has not been resolved. I have investigated the problem very detailed, very strangely I saw 2 different IPs at my hosting. At the first row, trhere was new IP, under it, there was old server IP. That was the main problem that Godaddy would not resolved. Because Normally after they must delete completely the old hosting account, but they didn’t do. So the old hosting account was just as shadow hosting, and sometimes you login to webpage or sometimes not. That is the main problem they must resolve. I explained that to Godaddy operatör and told him about our website is very prestiged website. But he said he can not do anything more, at least I must wait for 24 hours, and max 72 hours. A Professional respectfull company just like Godaddy which has a professional technical team, must resolve the problem max in 1 hour. In addition still they didn’t resolve the issue and this issue has caused ro new one, when we searched for DNS rediction details http://www.dnsbil.com, it is very very strange, we see, there has been also mx records, so we can not get any email. We also explained the new issue to Godaddy calling them, still we wait. I hope this explains everything.

    Sadun KAYA

  42. same issue with me….I use google pagespeed service. I thought issue is from there, so I disabled all the writers, still the same issue.
    Weird thing was my site was working normal without www ie. ehubz.in was working properly but not http://www.ehubz.in
    I dont know how it came but after half an hr it was normal again.
    I use godaddy server for hosting.

  43. Hello Brian, I just bought GoDaddy hosting 2 days back and started setting up my blog, socialvani.us with them. The site was working fine even 2 hours back but now its showing the error as you discussed.

    The domain is HOSTED with another company and I don’t want to TRANSFER the domain. I changed the nameservers to point to those mentioned by GoDaddy.

    Will this resolve itself?

    1. I think you mean the domain is REGISTERED through another company, as I’m seeing when I look it up. And that’s fine, you shouldn’t need to transfer it for it to work. Was the site previously hosted elsewhere? If it was, and you only just moved it over, the Godaddy account might not quite be set up yet.

      In your Godaddy account, make sure you go to your hosting information, click “Hosted Domains” and verify that your domain socialvani.us is in there. If not, you will have to add it.

  44. My websites been doing this, starting ti really annoying. I’v posted on the official forums so its just a case of wait and see now :/

    1. And they’ll probably tell you that you just need to wait, assuming things are set up correctly. If it’s the website associated with your account here, it looks like it’s actually displaying a parked page screen right now, not a pageok error. remember that when you first set up hosting at Godaddy, the pageok error will typically display for at least an hour or two before the site goes up.

    1. If your site was working and is now displaying this error, it would most likely mean something has gone wrong with your hosting information or something has changed. I would recommend contacting godaddy technical support and asking them if there is an issue.

    1. No problem! Glad I could help. Usually it does resolve itself, but every once and a while, depending on your situation, it will actually get stuck for a while.

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