PHP Script to Create Links to Each Subdirectory Using Page Titles as Anchor Text

I had a thought today. I have numerous, changing folders in part of my website, and I wanted to create a page that automatically generates links to each of those folders (or subpages) which I could then style and use, with the title attributes of the pages contained within those folders as the anchor text. So I did some Google searching as a starting point (I’m no PHP expert.) I finally came up with a script that would generate a page accomplishing exactly what we want.

Here is the script. Just save this in a file called “index.php” in the folder containing all the subfolders you want to link to.  Then replace the “” with the URL of the directory whose subfolders you want to link to. I even included a command in there that will prevent the script from returning links to folders that return a 403 error. This prevents folders without webpages on them from being listed. You could remove that part if you don’t want it in there. You can also change the page title to whatever you want, it’s currently “Page Links.”

I originally thought of this, because I have a folder full of temporary websites that I’m working on, and I got tired of typing out the full path every single time while I was working on them. This way, it automatically generates the links and then I can just click the one I want to go to! I also included as part of this script a link to style.css which would be your stylesheet. Just create that file in the same directory, and then you can format your links however you want.

Credit to SN from for the script to name the subfolders as a starting point, and further credits to shamittomar at for the script to strip the title from a webpage.

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