Redirect to Mobile Website – SUPER Easy Tutorial

I spent literally hours searching for a good, easy-to-follow how-to on setting up a javascript redirect on your website so that mobile visitors get sent to your mobile page to no avail. It needed to be extremely clear and with great examples and I wanted a method that DIDN’T rely on screen-size because, well… That’s just stupid. You don’t want to redirect desktop visitors who have their browser small!

Okay then, let’s get to it. We are going to be using the JS-Redirection-Mobile-Site script found at Git Hub here. Now, before you click that link and get yourself all confused, I’m going to break down everything for you. Okay, first things first. Download redirection-mobile.js here. Just highlight the text, copy it, and then create a new text document in a folder in your site called “js” and name it redirection-mobile.js. Good, we are almost done. Now, in the <head> section of the page you are looking to redirect, paste this:

Easy stuff. Now replace “” with, well… The URL you would like to redirect to. Now upload this to your server, and you are good to go!

What this will do is redirect most mobile visitors (but not tablets) to this URL. And it works great, because if they go to that mobile site, and then click a link to come BACK to the page they were just redirected from, it won’t redirect them again, allowing them to view the regular page.

I’ve had many requests for instructions on including a tablet redirect as well, so I’m going to show you how to do that. Setting tablet_redirection to “true” will redirect tablet users as well. If you would like to specify a separate location for tablet users, you can do that by entering a value for “tablet_host”. So the code will now look like:

For a full list of parameters you can use, view the github page I linked to earlier and find the readme there, it has a detailed explanation of everything. I hope this helps someone avoid all the trouble and work I had to go through to figure this out! Thanks for stopping by.

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Brian Johnson is a website developer and designer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a passion for code and WordPress. He spends his days building WordPress websites for small businesses, developing new code with the online community, and living life.

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  1. You can define the full URL of the page to redirect people to, yes. However, if it’s not the same site, I’m not sure clicking the “classic view” will fix it because the code is on two separate sites.

    You could try adding a URL parameter that the original site picks up and uses to prevent the redirect from happening again.

  2. Hi!
    I want to apologize myself for asking stupid question – one look into the github code explanation offered me all the answers and possibilities!
    Delete my obsolete question, lol
    Thank you very much for sharing!

  3. This is a great little tool. I’ve tried to figure out how to implement it so that it keeps the domain but couldn’t figure it out:
    redirects to (but I only enter the “mobile_index.htm” in the webpage)

    I’ve been trying to redirect in a way that Google doesn’t get all fussy about having the page redirected. I’m hoping this fixes it.

    If you can point me in the right direction to have it bring the domain in automatically, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. I’m not sure I understand what the problem is… What you are describing is how it is supposed to work. What are you hoping to have happen that isn’t happening?

  4. Hi Brian, Hope you can help. I have been trying to implement the script but I’m running into a difficulty. I have an https desktop site. I also have a m. site on Dudamobile which I set up a while ago. I have put the script on my hosting server and incorporated the redirect url in a page. It seems to be trying to redirect to the m. site but when I look at the address it is trying to reach it has https://m. which is why I guess it cant connect. The m. site is an http:// site without an SSL. Any ideas? Paul

    1. Hi Paul,

      You should be able to add the parameter:

      mobile_scheme: “http”

      And that should solve the issue. By default it uses the same as the parent page, which I’m assuming in your case uses https.

      1. Thanks Brian, Do I put that line in the code on the webpage just before the line with the mobile url or do I need to alter the code in the script? Paul

  5. Hi Brian,

    I wonder if you can help me please? I have followed the instructions you give for the redirect and have ended up with a very strange problem. I put the code, (from above), into the home page I use for experimenting at The redirect is supposed to go to:

    When I try it, the page seems to freeze but then I noticed it was trying to get to https// (I.E. WITHOUT the : )

    Obviously I checked to make sure I had included the : in the URL and I have

    Can you think what might be wrong? Why is it missing out the : ?

    I would be very grateful if you would take a look please as it’s driving me mad:-)

  6. HI Brian, We’ve invested heavily in a mobile first PWA for our site. The problem is that it looks horrible on desktop.
    so without scrapping the site entirely, we’d like to re-direct desktop viewers only.

    Is there a way that this can be utilized? we are using hugo + netlify for our pwa with CMS.
    however we want to do a for desktop users and that would be hosted on wordpress.

    can we hire you to do this? (we are the small busines, not developers)

  7. Thanks so much Sir.

    Please I want to know if the same data on my primary domain will be automatically generated in the subdomain when users are redirected.

    If not, please how can I achieve that?

  8. Hi Brian…I’m having issues with the redirect code. I copied and pasted the snippet to the beginning of my html(body) page and created the js code page(copied it from the github link) and placed in into a newly created folder labeled “js” and uploaded it to my website with all of my other site files. I want to redirect persons using mobile phones, but nothing is working; my site is not redirecting on my phone to my mobile site. needs to redirect phone users to At first I had a redirect set up on GoDaddy, which redirected everyone from the main site to the mobile but I since have removed that. Please help!

  9. Brian,

    Just as I posted my question I noticed my error. I had missed the last line of the code!

    I knew it had to be something simple. It seems the something simple was me!

    Thanks again

  10. Hello, great script and works great on mobile devices, however, my tablet (iPad 2017) is being redirected as well. I tried all different things such as disable tablet redirection command but it is still being redirected. I also tried redirecting tablet to a different .php file, but it is redirected to the mobile site. It is almost like the ipad is being detected as mobile phone. Any idea why this is happening? Thank you

  11. Hi Brian! Thanks for the clean solution! Question: How could I flip things so that it redirected visitors that WEREN’T on a mobile device? My hope is that if someone tries to access the index/home page on a desktop, laptop or tablet, I want to redirect them to a static page alerting them that the site was designed and optimized for mobile devices. Any ideas?

  12. Hey Brian thanks for this!
    Quick Question… I would like to use this script in my hosted HTML folder to redirect users to 3 specific sites (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet).
    I see you have a version for Mobile and Tablet HOWEVER the framework the sites are built on does not allow for custom code…

    So is it possible for me to have this query / redirect placed in my root HTML folder (currently with Media Temple) and then have it detect mobile, tablet or Desktop and serve up the correct URL for each of these viewports? (fyi I am using ReadyMag to build my content rich sites but they have some holes with their mobile fallback and code injection)

    Does this make sense?

    1. I think you would be able to do that, yes. You’d just create a basic HTML page in your root called index.html and make sure it has priority over whatever the CMS is (i.e. make sure that the “index.php” from your CMS isn’t loading first, or it won’t work).

      Then just add the code in and make sure it redirects properly.

  13. How would I add it to the header of the page in WordPress? I have an addon that adds to the header or body but when added to the header it did not work?

    1. If the plugin actually is adding to the code to the “head” section of your site, it should be able to work. Double check that you’ve added all values correctly and try again.

  14. Hi,
    thanks for great utility.
    Any chance it could be modified to do frameforwarding? I would like to redirect but sill have main url displayed

  15. Hello,

    I have tried your solution but it is not working. I am new to muse so I may be a bit slow.

    1) I copied and pasted the above code into a text document.

    2) I uploaded it to a new folder in the root directory named js.

    3) I added the code to the section of adobe muse.

    4) I added this ”

    Then I am not redirecting and Google is not able to recognize the mobile site.

    Please advise. I checked on Adobe’s site and they are not helping. I am very lost. I spent hours on this project and can’t get a solution.


    1. You seem to have set up the .js file properly in the js folder, but I don’t see the necessary code on your site to load it up and actually specify the redirect. It needs to be in the header of your page. I don’t know anything about Muse though, so I’m not sure what you need to do!

      Just make sure you add that small snippet to the header of your website.

  16. Hello Brian,
    I am trying your script on my site. To make things clear do I upload the new folder mobie-redirect.js to my server on the domain name I want to redirect it to as anew folder.

    I have entered the redirect script into my html code in the Here

    Getting problems with it to work .
    Hope you can advise
    Thanks Colin

    1. Hi Brian,
      The redirection works great for my site root. ex: takes you to on a mobile device.

      Is there any way to make it work for a sub page? ex: takes you to on a mobile device, not

      Thanks, Barbara

  17. Hi Brian,

    Your Tutorial and Script are definitely SUPER.

    Now I am consern about the position of my Site in Google.

    I have my Web Site (
    Now I created mobile-friendly page similar to my index.html.
    My site was on 1st page in searching Google
    by some keys.
    Now (after Google’s mobile issue) my
    Site is on the 2nd page that is not good.

    My question is:

    1) Should I name my mobile-friendly page, for example,
    “mob_index.html” and use my desktop page “index.html”
    (as before) with redirection to “mob_index.html” ?


    2) Make subdomain like and
    place my new page “mob_index.html” over there.
    Then use redirection to this subdomain ?

    Which case is better for position of my Site ?

    Thank you for your reply.



  18. I just can’t get this redirecting working for couple of galaxy android tablets, Galaxy Tab Pro 10 and Galaxy Note 8 (I thins). Works fine with IPad.

    Tried with and without tablet_host, with and without http part in address.

    tablet_redirection : “true”,
    mobile_url : “”,
    tablet_host : “”

  19. Awesome! I had looked and tried numerous other tutorials with no luck and this worked!!! Thanks so much!

    1. Ah! I think I found your problem. You redirect-mobile.js is not complete. You are missing the final “};” at the very end of the document. Try adding that and see if it works. Just to be safe, maybe download the newest version, and make sure you paste that entire thing in. Let me know if it works!

      1. Yes!! Success! Thanks so much! I was baffled and had sort of given up. Not sure how the }; got missing. Thanks again Brian!

  20. Hey Brian,

    Thanks so much for posting this tutorial. For some reason it is not working for me. My website is and I’m trying to redirect to I’m at a loss now. any ideas?

    1. Try replacing “” with just “”

      I thought it worked either way, but perhaps not. Let me know if that does the trick!

  21. Great script – and thanks also to Steve Wheller – I took the liberty of using your website as an example to help me know it should be working 🙂

    A curious thing – it works like a charm in Safari, once I made sure I’d completely exited from the website – but in standalone mode starting off as the mobile site, doing “back” then re-opens as the mobile site in Safari, and then second time around works as expected, ie. back to the full site. I suspect it may be because it’s opening effectively in a different “browser”?

  22. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for posting this, this is the most successful code I’ve used so far!

    The only problem I have now, is that the colon keeps disappearing, making the URL invalid when my mobile redirects to the mobile site.

    This is my site:

    At the moment, I am redirecting it to Facebook mobile site. Ideally, I actually want to redirect it to
    Is this possible? Can I write mobile_url : mobile/index.html” ? This doesn’t work either at the moment by the way.

    My second question is the tablet redirect. I put it above mobile_url as you suggested previously to another poster, but it is saying it has syntax error. I haven’t tried it on tablet yet, as I don’t own one at home, but please will you tell me how to fix the syntax error and how I can make it work on tablet?

    Sorry for asking so many questions but if you would help, that would be awesome! Thanks again for sharing.

    Many thanks and best,

  23. Hi Brian hope you can help me.
    I’m trying to find where my tag is located in cms made simple so I can paste a mobile redirect script. Been looking for days. Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m not at all familiar with CMS Made Simple, so I couldn’t tell you where that would be. If there is a section for adding extra code to the header, that would be where you would want to put it. If there is an analytics code section, that MAY work too, but it depends on how it functions.

    1. It appears to be working great. If you ever go back to the desktop site while visiting the mobile one, you will not be redirected again. Otherwise it would just keep bringing you back to the mobile version whether that’s what you wanted or not.

  24. Hi Brian,

    Thanks a lot for the article. I would be trying it tonight and I am pretty much convinced it WILL work. One thing I need to ask though – What code do I need to make the mobile user see the Full Site – like View Desktop Version – while still browsing through mobile phone.

  25. Hey Brian,
    Thanks for awesome script. Can you tell me in WordPress – where to put the redirection file and where to place the script? Is it in template directory or root domain? I tried different things and I’m a bit lost.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. It’s all going to be in your template directory. The script goes in your theme’s header.php file. Then redirection-mobile.js would go wherever you want in your theme folder, but you are going to need to change the link to reflect that. For example, if you put that file in a folder in your theme directory called “js”, then you would most likely need to change src=”js/redirection-mobile.js” to src=””

  26. Hi! I’ve a built a parallax scrolling website, and now need to develop a non-parallax, mobile version in a separate html document. I looked all day and this seemed like the perfect solution. Only problem is, I think it’s redirecting, but I’m getting a 404 error. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks a bunch!

    1. If you are getting a 404 then you either entered the url wrong in the code or your page doesn’t exist. Check your address bar and see where it’s actually redirecting you, and how that URL differs from the intended one.

  27. After experimenting with fluid grids and media queries…which are okay…but imo creating a separate folder website with just mobile screen size code I figured would be easier. So I looked for days for a tutorial on how to do this & couldn’t find a non-complex or a free one. Then I found this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. It worked & the way you explained it made it easy as pie! Thank you again Brian. You now have a new fan here!

  28. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the great script. I now have this working on my site and it redirects me to the mobile site when viewing on my mobile but when click on my link to go to the desktop site it doesn’t work it just keeps me on the mobile site.

    Any help appreciated.



  29. Hi Brian,
    I have installed the js as per your instructions and it works perfectly.
    I have done a lot of work before with the same js but without results.
    Thanks a lot!!
    I have a problem though and I hope you can help me in solve it.
    I have created the following script

    // <![CDATA[
    SA.redirection_mobile ({
    redirection_param : "mobile_redirection",
    mobile_prefix : "www.m",
    keep_path : true,
    keep_query : true

    because I wanted to have people using a link like to be redirected to and not to
    Unfortunately this does not happens.
    What happens is as follows:

    Link is
    redirect is

    Link is
    redirect is

    Links is
    redirect is

    So if the path is longer then one slash the redirect is always to Home.
    Can you tell me what I should do to have the redirect complete and not truncate?

    1. Hmmm…. To be honest I’m not really sure! I’ve never seen that issue, and truth be told, I’ve really only dealt with redirecting the home page. Were you able to get this working? I would love to see how if you were!

  30. Hi,
    I got crazy trying to use the same js but no way.
    Then I got to your blog, followed your isntructions and voilà. It works.
    I still have a problem though.
    I want to to redirect also If the user C and you want to redirect him to “”:.
    I have this script in my html_header
    SA.redirection_mobile ({
    redirection_param : “mobile_redirection”,
    mobile_prefix : “www.m”,
    keep_path : true,
    keep_query : true
    but If the user accesses to “” it is redirected to home page “
    Can you tell me what <i am doing wrong?

    1. Sorry about my typing. I am Italian and my english is not that good.
      Please read the same phrease as:
      I want to to redirect also If the user accesses to “” and you want to redirect him to “”
      There is no way ot correct a post

  31. Hi Brian

    Thank you for your good job ! I put the code in my webpage and it works..

    I just need your help because the redirection doesn’t open a new window, it means that when a smartphone is detected, the mobile internet site opens in the same window and it’s for me a problem.

    if you go directly on with a smartphone you will see that the presentation / layout is not the same as when we’re going first on and then goes automatically by

    Wich code do I habe to add on your javascript file or in the main html page to open the in a new window ?

    Thank you very much !!

    Best regards

    1. When a mobile visitor arrive at the site, you don’t WANT them to open a new window. It’s much harder for mobile visitors to use tabs. I may be misunderstanding you there…

      1. Hi Brian

        Thank you for your reply. I don’t know to explain the problem. When I go directly from my smartphone on all is bigger than when i go with the smartphone (iPhone) before on with the redirection on


        1. The issue you are dealing with might be because you are using frames, which really aren’t the best practice ever. Instead of using frames, you should either set the domain to redirect with masking or recreate the site there. Redirect with masking is the best option. Frames are just bad news.

    1. It’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. I believe the script uses whether you’ve been to the mobile index page as an indicator of whether you need to be redirected. If you’ve been to the mobile index and you choose to go to the desktop site, it won’t stop you because it thinks you are choosing to view the desktop version instead.

      But if you get to the desktop index from some other page, when you arrive, it sees that you’ve never been to the mobile index and sends you there. I believe there are more parameters and documentation available at github to allow you to prevent redirection if they’ve been to ANY mobile pages. This tutorial only covers a home page redirect which is more basic.

    1. I guess I’m a little confused on what you are asking… But I think it’s possible that what you are asking is how you can prevent users who go BACK to the normal homepage after being redirected from being redirected once more. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t have to worry about it, if users return again, it won’t redirect them again. It only redirects them the first time, in case they WANT to view the desktop version!

    1. You put the code in the desktop page, because all it does is check if they are mobile, and then forwards them to your mobile page if they are. It wouldn’t do much good on a the mobile page!

    I too searched for HOURS ….was using the same exact script….but, for some reason, the way you explained it took me 2 minutes to accomplish.

  33. Hi Brian, excellent code thank you!
    One question though… It works perfectly on my iPhone5 but not on both my iPads.
    When I enter the full address of the page where I should be redirected to in my iPad’s browser, the mobile version of my webpage shows up as it’s supposed to.
    What could be the trick?

    Sander (Netherlands)

    1. Adding the line:

      tablet_redirection : “true”,

      above the line mobile_url : “”, should redirect tablet users as well. Let me know if it works!

  34. Nice!

    A client’s hosting didn’t support php which is what I have been using for redirection. This was an easy solution. Why can’t everything be so straight forward?

    Thanks so much,

  35. Brian, first off let me thank you for putting something like this together. Second, I really hope you still actively watch your blog otherwise I might pull my hair out trying to figure this out! 😛

    Either or, I’ve copied the js code and placed it in a file named redirection-mobile.js and placed it in a folder named js as described. I then modified the index file and put the code mentioned above, yet it still doesn’t redirect me. Just being stupid I put it in above (first test) the section, then below (second test) and still no redirect. I don’t currently have a mobile site setup so I put in something like in order to verify the redirect worked.

    The website I’m making the change to is and using index1.html (not the primary index file)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hey Chad,

      Thanks for visiting!

      When I tried visiting, it was just blank. Do you currently have it uploaded? I can’t really help you without being able to see the code!

      That being said, the most common problem I find for people is improperly placing the js file. When you view your source code on the live site, click the link to the js file and see what comes up. If it’s the javascript exactly as it appeared where I told you to get it from, then it should be good. If it’s blank or there’s a bunch of html in there, something is wrong!

        1. No problem! Looking at your code, you need to move your script so that it is between and somewhere. Currently you have it before the head, where scripts can’t actually go!

          1. Hey Brian! I created a mobile site real quick last night and setup with the redirect code in the index.html in the section. I still can’t get it to redirect. I copied the js folder with the script to the test2 folder as well (since that’s where it appears to be looking) and still nothing. Ideas?


  36. Thanks so much!! I spent hours trying to figure out how to get my Muse-created mobile site to become the destination page for mobile users visiting my regular (non-Muse-created) desktop site. Nothing worked at all, but now your advise works perfectly. Thanks so much for actually explaining what to do!!

  37. Brian your solution is just amazing. I was wondering how to redirect mobiles but not tablets, and how to let them see the desktop version if they want… and you give me everything in a 1 minute reading article. Thank you very much

  38. Hello, Brian!

    The solution seems great due to its simplicity. I have one question: can the mobile URL have the configuration (form):

    Thank you!

    1. You can enter whatever you want for the mobile URL, all this code does is send visitors to that URL if they are on mobile. It’s up to you to actually PUT something at that location.

  39. I must be very stupid, because I do not get your script to work. I’ve added this code in the heading of my page:

    SA.redirection_mobile ({
    mobile_url : “”,
    mobile_prefix : “http”

    On the desktop and on my HTC One Android mobile, nothing happens. When I enter the URL on my HTC manually, the mobile site shows up. So the redirection does not work!!

    1. You’ve made two mistakes that are easily fixable, based on what I’m seeing on your site when I check out the code.

      1. You’ve placed the code in the body of your HTML document, not the head. Make sure you place the entire code before the tag.
      2. You either haven’t uploaded or you don’t have it in the correct place. It should be in a folder called “js” in the ROOT of your hosting directory. In other words, when you go to this link you should see the code (dead link removed)

      If you fix those two problems your code should work!

      1. About the two mistakes:

        1. I use a CMS, generating the HTML-code for me. It does not allow to put the code outside the page body and I do not want to change the generated code, because it would create a maintenance issue. (The site you saw is just a test site) So I’m looking for a solution that will work from inside the body part.
        2. You were right. I had my reference correct, then tried another possible solution and later copied your sample code into my CMS again. So I’m not using the directory “js” to store the script, but “downloads”. I know this works because I’ve added some messages to the script and they are displayed.

        Can you explain why this code will only work from the head section and not from the body? Thanks!

  40. Hi Brian,

    thanks for the tutorial. I did as you wrote but I have a problem: a page says “I cant visualize the page”.

    The mobile website works great, so the problem must be inside my index page of the main web site. It is made by 2 frames… could it be that the problem?


    1. It sounds like you are probably running into an issue with the frames to me. Are you positive the problem wasn’t there before you added this code, and then IS there now that you’ve added it?

  41. Hi Brian, for complicated sites such as accountants and lawyers the user might well have found an inner page of the desktop site 1st and it is now considered best practice to not divert all mobile users to the mobile homepage… would this involve inserting the code on each of the relevant pages?? Thanks for your help. Andy

    1. Right, most likely you would create a redirect that merely redirects users to a subdomain of some kind which retains the full url and just adds “m” in front of it, such as “”. This is beyond the scope of this article however, which simply addresses users of the home page being redirected.

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