SEO Problem for Lakeville Karate/TaeKwonDo Academy

One chop from him could be lethal

So I have been trying to work through a problem I have been having helping a great Lakeville/Rosemount TaeKwonDo Academy. They have been around a little while and teach primarily TaeKwonDo, which from what I understand is technically distinct from Karate. I know they do good work and they have done a great job gaining and maintaining students. But they wanted a little help driving some more web traffic.

The problem is that the site is supplied by the franchiser, Tiger Rock Martial Arts, and very little control over content is given. Sure, we can change the brief description of this specific location as well as class schedules etc. But I have no way of accessing important things like page titles, the actual navigation, and other important areas. My hands are fairly tied as an SEO.

So at this point I have done what I can, and we have seen some results, so I will continue to use all the tools of SEO that are still available to me.  I will post again when we have seen more results.

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