Website for Minneapolis Musician Jamison Murphy

This website has actually been up for quite some time now, but I am just getting to writing about it today. If you haven’t heard of Jamison Murphy before, check out his debut music video here.

If you notice, I am actually in the first shot of the video sitting at a table! Why is this, you ask? Because I perform with Jamison in his band. His website can be found at, you guessed it,

Check out That Bone Structure

There is not a lot of content for the site yet, and as a result the design is very simple and clean. We didn’t want to bog it down with anything unnecessary. The plan is to eventually design a more full-fledged site once there is more to put there. I will keep you posted when that happens.

If you want to keep tabs on his progress, you can get to his Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts from the site. With any luck, there will be some shows in Minneapolis this summer. If you like, check out the website I did for another up-and-coming Minneapolis Musician, Meek Demeo.

If you are interested in his old band with a different name, Blue Sky Canopy, I actually maintain that website as well.

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  1. The website looks awesome! Very simple, very clean and modern feeling. Plus, you know who the website is for right away with that picture. It all works really well together.

    Well done, Brian!

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