Website for Minneapolis Sportswear BE OWN

I recently completed a brand new website and ecommerce store for BE OWN Sportswear. They are a great new company based near Minneapolis, Minnesota that donates 50% of all proceeds to help support kids in developing countries. You can check out the new sportswear website here (update: link removed, site no longer exists). They are really a great new brand, I highly recommend checking them out, and maybe even purchasing a wristband or t-shirt!Minneapolis Website for Sportswear Company BE OWN

The website design itself is fairly simple and clean. We wanted some movement so we put the slider right there on the home page to showcase some information about the brand. The social media links are located prominently, as well as the link to the store.

The store is actually a Shopify store, which is a great ecommerce platform, and very easy to work with. I customized it to sort of match the rest of the website, so visitors didn’t feel too much like they had left the website.

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Brian Johnson is a website developer and designer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a passion for code and WordPress. He spends his days building WordPress websites for small businesses, developing new code with the online community, and living life.

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