Can’t Connect to Facebook for Chromecast Ambient Mode – Solution

I’ve got a super simple post here for you today that has nothing to do with websites, really! But it’s useful, nonetheless.

Update 05/12/2021: Google has removed the experimental Facebook for Chromecast ambient mode feature. Full details over at our other blog post.

I recently had a problem for months where I couldn’t get Facebook albums to display in my Chromecast’s ambient mode. It was super frustrating and I just couldn’t get it solved. I cleared all the cache for the Google Home app on my Android, I even cleared all of its data and started over.

Nothing worked!

This post over at Google support reveals that I’m not the only one with this problem, but falls short of offering a solution.

The error message I was getting was something like, “Can’t connect to Facebook”. When you accessed the page to try, it was like it gave up immediately and just always gave that message, even though it claimed Facebook was active.

So how do you solve it?


You just go to your Facebook app, sign out, and then sign back in again.

It worked instantly for me. I went back into Google home and it worked right away.

So in reality it may be a bit of a Facebook problem.

Oh well, whatever makes it work!

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