The Importance of CLARITY in Your Website Copy

Clarity is at the heart of every good message, whether you are providing instructions to an employee or communicating your brand via your website. You can’t be vague and general on your website and expect to get any kind of point across.

I subscribe to an awesome email newsletter from Philip Morgan, who specializes in helping technical firms, well… Specialize! He sent out an awesome message today that I think really makes you think about your website content and whether it’s truly clear and effective.

Philip writes:

“Could the messaging on your web site be more clear?

Here’s an ultra-quick checklist for messaging clarity:

  • Is it clear and unambiguous who will benefit most from your services?
  • Is it clear and unambiguous what benefit you create for your clients?
  • Is it clear and unambiguous that you have enough credibility to make it worth a prospect’s time to contact you?
  • Does each page on your site have a clear next step? In other words, does each page have a clear “job to be done”?

That’s a great list of questions! I think most business owners will see this and think, “Wow! there’s a lot of groundwork I need to lay before I can even begin to answer these questions.”

Your website needs to completely cater to your target customer, and should actually identify them implicitly or explicitly in the site content. And then it should actually show them how you can help them.

You really need to have your business model drilled down for this, as well. If you are a generalist who works with everyone and doesn’t have any particular specialty, then your answer to all of these questions is going to be, “no”. And that’s a problem!

You simply cannot reach everyone. To be competitive, you need to have a specific set up skills that cater to a group. And once you’ve figured out what that is, your operations will be simpler, your work will improve, and your marketing messages will finally have that clarity that paying customers flock to.

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