IT Companies: We’ll Buy Your Website Hosting Clients

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WordPress hosting is hard.

As an IT provider, you probably thought it would be a piece of cake. After all, these servers pretty much run themselves, right? It can’t possible be harder than building PCs.

If you’re here, you’ve probably realized the error of your ways, and now know that website hosting in general, and WordPress hosting specifically, are not for the faint of heart.

If you know exactly what you’re doing, it can be fairly hassle-free. But it requires its own set of skills and years of experience to truly understand. Things that we have, and you might lack.

The good news is: we’re here to help! We are happy to buy your hosting clients from you and provide a seamless transition for your clients and excellent service for them after the migration.

Why would a Managed Services Provider want to sell their WordPress website hosting clients?

Obviously the reasons might be deeply personal, but the most common reasons might be:

  • It’s unprofitable. When you first started offering hosting you assumed that your server fees would be all you would pay, and priced your services accordingly. But now you realize that you are spending all your time troubleshooting issues, and the time you spend paying your team really adds up. Why keep spending all of this time for something that’s losing money?
  • The headaches. The problems that can come with hosting and WordPress itself can be a huge pain in the butt for the uninitiated. The fact that it’s not even in your core expertise and product offering makes it even more frustrating.
  • Save time to focus elsewhere. It’s difficult to work on your main initiatives and get things done when you’re spending tons of time on website hosting.
  • Getting paid. Regardless of what you’d like to do now, you put a lot of work into getting clients, setting up the hosting, and managing it up until now. Maybe you’d just like to get compensated for all of that hard work.

Regardless of your reasons, if you’re here: you’re thinking about selling, and that’s perfectly valid.

We’re willing to pay

We recognize the value in WordPress hosting services, assuming that it’s done right. We’ve been doing this a long time and we know exactly what it’s worth to us.

The work you’ve put in up until now will pay off for you. We can compensate you fairly for your efforts and will do what it takes to ensure your clients remain satisfied with their hosting services for years to come. It’s in our best interest to do so!

If you’re curious what we’re willing to pay, the industry standard is around 1x annual recurring revenue. Note that this is revenue, not profit. It’s possible that we’d be willing to pay this even if you’re not currently profitable.

Just think: you could go from losing money to a big payday overnight.

Check out our article over at on how to maximize your sale price if you’d like to make that number as big as possible.

We care deeply about our clients

We’ve been hosting WordPress websites since 2011. In that time, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve improved. And we’ve come to care deeply about our clients.

We like to see their success as our success. While we can’t control every aspect of their businesses, we can do a phenomenal job in this one area and give them a leg-up on their competition.

We’re in this for the long-haul. We want our clients to trust whole-heartedly in what we offer and stick with us.

We know WordPress. And we know hosting. We’re a full-service website design and development company so we can help your clients out in all areas of their website.

If plugins and themes are acting up, or if they’d like to refresh the look of their site, those are things we can help with!

Everything they need is in one place.

We also take great pride in our support. Unlike most hosts, we consider our hosting services fully managed. As an IT provider yourself, I’m sure you can appreciate that.

We take care of everything hosting-related at no additional charge. They never have to sit on the phone on hold. We handle everything.

We take care of the details

We’ve bought entire hosting businesses before and know exactly what it takes to migrate all aspects of web hosting from one place to another. We have contracts already written and ready to go.

We handle the migrations ourselves and can even interact directly with the clients to answer questions and facilitate the transfer. We know what we are doing and can ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible with minimal disruption.

Our main goal is retention, and ensuring a smooth transition is critical to that. We will work with your clients to make sure they understand what is happening and address any concerns they have.

You can focus on what you do best

We know that your main focus is IT, not websites. We don’t know the ins-and-outs of your business, and more than likely you’re not an expert in WordPress. By focusing on our strengths, we both come out stronger.

When you sell your hosting clients to us, you can focus on giving the best IT support possible as an MSP and will not only eliminate many headaches, but will actually greatly improve the quality of your other services.


If you like what you hear and would like to chat more about your business and what a sale might look like, fill out the form below or email me at and we’ll set up an introductory meeting.


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Brian Johnson is a website developer and designer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a passion for code and WordPress. He spends his days building WordPress websites for small businesses, developing new code with the online community, and living life.

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